Dear Residents,

Moving teams are expected to finish transporting contents from recoverable apartments to secure storage today.  As previously mentioned, all recoverable vehicles have now been transported to storage, where they can be reclaimed by their owners.  This will be our last general update on the recovery work related to resident contents and vehicles.  We will continue to contact residents individually as we have further updates and information.  The Elan City Lights team will also continue to be available to assist you at (214) 965-6018 or by email at elancitylights@greystar.com.

Apartment Contents and Vehicle Reclaim Process

If you received notice that your apartment contents and/or vehicle are ready for pick up, we encourage you to schedule your appointment as soon as possible, as available appointments are filling up fast. 

If your insurance company has paid you for the value of your vehicle, they may have the right to retrieve it.  If you have personal belongings inside the vehicle, and the insurance company has not yet picked up the vehicle from the storage facility, you can make arrangements to retrieve these items by contacting us at eclcars@greystar.com.  If the vehicle has already been picked up by your insurance company, you will need to contact them directly for further information on how to reclaim your belongings.

If you have questions, please contact the Elan City Lights team at (214) 965-6018 or by email at elancitylights@greystar.com.


Elan City Lights Apartments