June 24, 2019 3:15PM

Dear Resident(s):

We have a new number for you to contact the Elan City Lights team – 214.965.6018. You can also email us at

We know you are awaiting information on your personal belongings and vehicles. There are factors beyond our control that are delaying the process of moving your belongings and vehicles. The moving plan must be approved through governmental authorities who are considering the safety of those executing the plan, and the restriction and control of the OSHA preservation zone, which is the investigation area within the property. The move out plan is still being finalized to incorporate the requirements of OSHA and will be submitted for approval once completed. Once the plan is approved, we will share the details and timeline. There is a similar process related to the vehicles in the garage, which is in early stages of development. We appreciate your patience as we work through all the governmental requirements to initiate this project.


Thank you,

The Elan City Lights and Greystar Team