Dear Residents,

Here is quick update on the activity at Elan City Lights.  Recovery teams have made good progress this week but have experienced some delays over the past couple of days because of the weather.

Vehicle Recovery Process

The vehicle recovery process began on Monday and is currently on schedule.  As mentioned previously, the planned order of retrieval is from the top floor of the parking garage, downward to the ground level.  All vehicles have been removed from the 7th and 8th floors and transported to secure storage, where they can be reclaimed by their owners.  Work is now in progress to prepare for the removal of cars from the 6th floor, which is expected to begin on Monday.  While the removal of vehicles from the upper floors of the garage has gone quickly, we expect it to become more challenging as we go deeper into the parking structure.  The lower floors will require removal and reshoring of certain portions of the garage in order to access vehicles.  The car removal process is expected to take several weeks to complete.

Vehicle Reclaim Process

If you received notice that your vehicle is ready for pick up, we encourage you to schedule your appointment as soon as possible, as available appointments are filling up fast.

Residents who had vehicles registered at Elan City Lights and others who had informed us that they had a vehicle parked in the parking garage were sent detailed information by email about the process to reclaim their vehicle.  If you have a vehicle in the parking garage and have not received the email with instructions about the reclaim process, please contact the Elan City Lights team at (214) 965-6018 or by email at elancitylights@greystar.com, so that we can update your current contact information.  If you did receive the email, but still have questions about the process, we encourage you to contact eclcars@greystar.com for further assistance in planning your pick up.

Apartment Contents Recovery Process

We plan to resume the recovery of resident belongings from the remaining portions of the building soon and are continuing to finalize our work plan and schedule.  Recovery workers are expected to follow the same process that was used for the earlier phases of the project to document and pack resident belongings.  As we have stated previously, this work is necessarily detailed and time-consuming and will take several weeks to complete.  Since this work is expected to be performed while vehicle recovery is in progress, workers will be restricted from accessing certain portions of the building and parking garage while a crane is in use removing the cars.  Because of this, we are planning to pack out all the remaining units that can be recovered before we begin transporting contents to the storage facility.  We will contact these residents individually to update them on our plan and will give them detailed information on the reclaim process once their contents are ready for pick up at the storage facility.

If you have questions, please contact the Elan City Lights team at (214) 965-6018 or by email at elancitylights@greystar.com.


Elan City Lights Apartments